How can Avviato make you a Salesforce superhero??

Many nonprofits and government agencies leverage the Salesforce platform to manage donors, events, clients, and volunteers. Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, “the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management”. But, what if I told you that you could work smarter, achieve more of your mission, and free your team to do more of the things that only they can do? Avviato’s team of certified Salesforce administrators and developers is ready to make you a superhero with our new suite of products and services designed to meet your needs.

Are you tired of spreadsheets that need constant updates? Ready to rid your system of duplicates and orphaned information? Want a 360° view of your constituents including donations of time and money? Where do you even start? And, who has the time?

Sound familiar? You might want to begin with the comprehensive new Client Success Consultation. This is so much more than an annual physical or a 5,000-mile oil change. Client Success means a deep dive into helping your organization identify your Salesforce strengths as well as areas where there may be more effective approaches to achieving your goals. The consultation, conducted by one of our certified team members, addresses best business practices, Salesforce adoption, app uses, and recommendations. Peace of mind is a wonderful superpower that comes from knowing your system is working effectively to achieve your mission.

If only there were a superpower to create more funding… Well, we can’t create more funding but we can help with fundraisers, annual campaigns, grants, memberships, special events–all your donor management needs including donation and payment processing. Our team can install and configure Salesforce’s free Nonprofit Starter Pack to track donors and donations, foundations and grants, corporations and sponsorships, specifically to your organization’s best practices and critical needs. Training and support for your staff provides a view to how your donors are connected to the community, giving and engagement history, and campaign analytics. Avviato’s is an official partner of Click & Pledge; that means you get discounted prices to add social fundraising and mobile giving to your growing arsenal of superpowers.

Volunteers can be a key part of an organization’s success, but sometimes engaging and deploying volunteers is a little like herding cats. HandsOn Connect, Avviato’s newest product, brings volunteer management to new heights with a fully functioning website supported by a Salesforce backend that allows you to register and schedule volunteers & teams, report attendance, and organize service events with just a few clicks. HandsOn Connect was created in partnership with Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, incorporating the network’s vast experience with volunteer management to bring nonprofits the most flexible solution available on Salesforce. Test drive HandsOn Connect with a free guided tour to see this superpower in action.

With all these great new services and products, are you ready to put on the cape and become a Salesforce superhero for your organization?


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